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The VersaSCAN of Princeton Applied Research (PAR) is a single platform capable of providing spatial resolution in electrochemical and materials experiments. Traditional electrochemical experiments measure an average response across the entire electrode/electrolyte interface. However, samples are not always homogenous – often there are areas of passivate/active nature or anodic/cathodic character. This is where scanning probe electrochemistry is ideal. Each VersaSCAN system consists of a high resolution, long-travel, closed-loop positioning system mounted to a vibration-resistant optical base.

Atmospheric Thin Film Coating


For universities and laboratories around the globe, 6800 and G3 Series spin coaters of Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) provide ideal technology for spin coating applications. Combining precise control with flexibility, they’re perfect for a range of applications. SCS Spin Coaters are available in different configurations, each designed and manufactured to provide laboratories with a highly efficient and accurate means of applying uniform coatings. SCS spin coating line also includes optional accessories to support the varying needs found in a laboratory environment. All our spin coaters are backed by SCS and its decades of experience in coating research and development.

Electrical and Electronic Testing


The ModuLab XM MTS of Solartron Analytical is an Xtreme Measurement Materials Test System able to measure the extremes of ultra-high impedance/low capacitance dielectric and insulator materials as well as high conductivity materials in the sub-milliohm range. The ModuLab XM MTS is an all around player capable of time domain and AC measurement, high and low impedance, high and low voltage and current as well as temperature control all in one convenient system. The ModuLab XM MTS system is able to autosequence time domain and AC techniques without switching cables, removing the need to configure complicated systems using discrete measurement units.



The QCM922A Quartz Crystal Microbalance of Princeton Applied Research is the successor of the market-leading QCM922. The new QCM922A platform adds many key features which provide researchers the capability to determine a small mass change by measuring resonance frequency, while simultaneously determining viscoelastic change by measuring resonance resistance. The QCM922A's extended bandwidth allows for high sensitivity, up to 30MHz, as well as high-speed data acquisition, up to 100 data points per second. A small footprint, light weight and USB 2.0 communication make for easy setup anywhere in the lab.

Optical Microscopy


The AE31 Elite is Motic’s new statement for a professional inverted microscope providing best image quality, ergonomic design and clever illumination features. The AE31E is the perfect platform for all kind of routine microbiology applications in clinical and pharmaceutical laboratories with best options for university research environments. An upgrade with fluorescence is offered for research applications. In full accordance with Motic’s CCIS© Infinity System, the new LWD Plan Achromatic objectives with an intelligent Phase contrast concept deliver a remarkable image quality. Phase contrast is an integral part of all standard packages.



The Model 335 cryogenic temperature controller of Lakeshore Cryotronics offers many user-configurable features and advanced functions that until now have been reserved for more expensive, high-end temperature controllers. The Model 335 is the first two-channel temperature controller available with user configurable heater outputs delivering a total of 75 W of low noise heater power—50 W and 25 W, or 75 W and 1 W. With that much heater power packed into an affordable half-rack sized instrument, the Model 335 gives you more power and control than ever. The Model 335 supports the industry's most advanced line of cryogenic temperature sensors.

Surface Treatment Systems


The ZEPTO and ATTO Series plasma systems of Diener Electronic GmbH are designed for basic treatment needs and simple plasma processes. These low-cost, but full-value plasma units of Diener Electronic come with chamber sizes up to 10 liters and with manual, PC or PCCE control. ZEPTO (chamber size approx. 2.6 liters) and ATTO (chamber size approx. 10.5 liters) are being employed by the occasional user or when workpieces have to be treated in smaller numbers. ZEPTO and ATTO ara mainly used in small batch production, analytics (e.g. REM, TEM...etc.), medical technology, sterilization, archeology, textiles and plastics.

Solar Simulators


The SF-300-A of Sciencetech Inc. is a low cost 300W Class AAA solar simulator system for applications requiring a more collimated beam or more UV production than provided by our SLB series. The SF-300-A provides 25 mm (1") diameter target size at 1 sun. The SF-300-A includes arc lamp housing, bulb, power supply with igniter, filter holder, manual shutter and UV fused silica lenses. Available Air Mass filters include AM0, AM1.0, AM1.5 and AM2.0. Other filters such as dichroic filters and bandpass filters are available for further modification of the spectrum. An option for fiber optic illumination is available, but requires an additional condenser and fiber mount.