Rheometer family based on cutting-edge technology: The amazingly versatile rheometer series covers all rheological applications from routine quality control to high-end R&D applications – count on a convenient, highly precise rheometer custom-tailored to your needs.

The rheometer series from Rotalab offers you one thing first and foremost: An open range of possibilities. Whatever your rheological requirements are and will be in the future – based on its modular setup, your rheometer is efficiently and comfortably adapted to meet your needs.

Benefit from the rheometers’ peak performance in oscillatory as well as rotational tests based on the powerful, dynamic EC motor, the normal force sensor integrated in the air bearing and time-saving features for maximum reliability and ease of use.

Build on your rheometer to cover any application need: Simply integrated temperature devices provide unrivaled temperature control from –150 °C up to 1000 °C. You can also easily connect a wide selection of application-specific accessories for rheo-optical investigations, tests with additional parameters such as pressure or a magnetic field – and you can also use your rheometer for extended material characterization such as tribology, DMTA measurement and much more.