First-class CO2/oxygen meter: Rotalab's new product series for measuring dissolved CO2 and O2 provides the best instrument for every application, ranging from a highly precise stand-alone version to an integrated module for the lab and a robust at-line solution for measurement directly at the production line. A new instrument provides combined, reliable and rapid determination of the CO2 and O2 content of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The top CO2/oxygen meter from Rotalab rapidly and accurately determines dissolved carbon dioxide and oxygen, which affects the taste and shelf life of beverages. With a CO2 and O2 meter for every application, the new product range is an essential tool for the production control and quality control of beverages.

At-line instruments from Rotalab:

   · The new, robust and compact housing withstands harsh environments
   · Precise determination of O2 due to sensor technology with rapid response times and ideal temperature behavior
   · New intuitive user interface and large keys enable easy operation for all applications

Laboratory instruments from Rotalab:

   · The CO2 measuring method is not influenced by other dissolved gases such as oxygen and nitrogen
   · Reliable results from minimum sample volume (100 mL)
   · Highest reproducibility of the CO2 and O2 results

Rotalab's product range for measuring CO2 and O2 has the best instrument for every application. Oxygen and carbon dioxide – simple, accurate and ready for measurement everywhere!