Turbidity meter: An indispensable module for Rotalab's laboratory measuring and analysis systems. The reliable turbidity meter measures the turbidity of all types of liquids, particularly beer and beer mixtures. The turbidity meter uses the reliable ratiometric procedure.

The turbidity meter from Rotalab uses the approved ratio method with measurement at three angles (transmission 0°, scattered light at 25° and 90°) to calculate the turbidity value. The measurement is carried out at a wavelength of 650 nm.

The turbidity meter from Rotalab has a modular concept The turbidity meter from Rotalab can be integrated into existing measuring systems because a flow-through measuring cell is used. This enables fully automatic filling and measurement when using sample changers. The master instrument controls the whole system, including the turbidity meter.

Turbidity meter from Rotalab – all parameters at once The combination of the turbidity meter with PBA-B (Packaged Beverage Analyzer for Beer) determines CO2, alcohol, density, pH, beer color and turbidity in one measuring cycle without sample preparation directly out of the bottle or can.