Rotalab's viscometer models have revolutionized viscosity measurement. Our innovative viscometer models and the further development of the well-known Höppler falling ball principle in the shape of the automatic micro-viscometer make precise viscosity determination easier and quicker than ever before.

Rotalab's viscometer models are established as standard solutions and an increasingly popular alternative to traditional capillary viscometer types. The viscometer models are used in a wide range of industries: from wort measurement in beer to measurements on polymer solutions, inks, low-viscosity oils and applications in biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry. For measurements on substances in which only a small amount of sample is available, a special accessory can be used.

Viscometer models from Rotalab – more powerful than ever:

   · New firmware allows quick and easy operation and increases sample throughput by up to 50%
   · Four precision levels available
   · Use of a sample changer fills samples with higher viscosity and reduces filling times
   · Sample recovery, automatic cleaning test and management of priority samples
   · Compact size, low solvent and power consumption
   · Rotalab's viscometer models have revolutionized viscosity measurement