Revolutionary density meter models: Digital, precise and easy determination of the density and concentration of your sample. For beverages, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, petroleum products, aromas, chemicals, biofuels, R&D and many more. The density meter models are suitable for numerous applications in industry and research.

Each density meter model uses the revolutionary oscillating U-tube principle and embodies decades of experience.

Our density meter series unite the excellent measuring performance with the highest possible user-friendliness. A number of new features make the sample filling and measurement process easier than ever, resulting in unrivaled reliability and traceability of the measurement values. The density meter models are robust, have a highly accurate platinum thermometer and automatic viscosity correction. The portable density meter measures density and concentration directly on-site. Its compact and lightweight design guarantees complete flexibility.

You are one step ahead with the right density meter:

   · Integrated reference oscillator
   · Highly accurate temperature measurement
   · Automatic viscosity correction
   · Utmost user-friendliness and traceability of the measurement process
   · Greatest flexibility due to Plug and Play technologies
   · Modular